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Welcome to PanoramicVR!


Download: PanoramicVR 32bit (x86)

Download: PanoramicVR 64bit


My name is Eddie O’Hagan and I created PanoramicVR. It is an application for The Oculus Rift (and other HMDs) that allows the user to view 180, 270, 360 degree panoramic images and photospheres in Virtual Reality. I looked for an application that could do this but I could not find one, so I decided to create it :D.


PanoramicVR allows you to load any panoramic or photosphere image, so if you have a smart phone, most smart phones can take 180 panoramic images. You can then take the image from your phone, put it in the images directory of the application, then start the app. You can then view each of the images one by one by pressing the left or right arrow keys. The 180 panoramic images provided with the app were taken on my friend’s Iphone.

Photosphere Screenshot

180 Panoramic images are pretty easy to take with a smart phone.
270 Panoramic images are somewhat rare, I could only find one and I provide it with the application.
360 Panoramic images are harder to take but can be done somewhat easily with many modern cameras, perhaps some smart phones.
A Photosphere is the most difficult to take, you need a spherical camera to take these images.

360 Panoramic Screenshot

As I mentioned before, the application allows you to add your own images or images you find to the application and view them.When the application starts up, it will take all the images in the images directory and convert them to DDS format. This is done by using another application called “texconv.exe”. I pass all the images to that program if they have not already been converted.

360 Panoramic Screenshot 2

Once all the images are converted, you can view each of the images by pressing the left and right arrow keys to navigate between them. Keep in mind that the larger the image is, the longer it will take to load.

180 Panoramic Screenshot

This is the first application in a series of applications I plan to release. I want to release this to the public for free so anyone can use it and I can fix any issues that may arise. Once that is complete, I plan on building on this application to do things like playing movies or some other ideas I have.

Photosphere Screenshot

If you need any help what so ever, feel free to contact me directly:

Skype: Katianie9
EMail: eddieohagan@optonline.net
Steam: Katianie (or SilverSniper9998)

Don’t hesitate to contact me, I want people to enjoy this app and I want to help everyone get it working.


Download: PanoramicVR 32bit (x86)

Download: PanoramicVR 64bit

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