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Image Resizer Release

Hey All!

I’ve been meaning to get this Image Resizer program out sooner but I got busy with a lot of stuff. The image re-sizer allows you to resize any .jpg, .png, or .bmp image file using various sizing methods (Interpolation modes). The Image Resizer can do simple resizing and all the way up to Neural Network Upscaling with ESRGAN. Check it out here or in the Applications section. The Source Code is also available in the Source Code section. Take care guys, Stay tuned for more updates! 😀

The Desert

Hey All! How is everyone doing? Hope you’re having a fantastic new year. I come bearing the gifts of updates for The Desert’s Rose!

  • Added NPC’s to weapon store. Quests and NPC interaction coming soon.
  • Expanded internal editor for western stuff. Basically allowed me to add western dressed characters.
  • Offset idle animations for NPCs so they don’t look like their in sync.
  • Improved overall fidelity of button pressing on the wrist watch.
  • Added Saving and Loading.
  • Created pause menu and added saving and loading buttons.
  • Added inventory and inventory button. To add items to the inventory drag a grabbed item to the bottom slot of the inventory menu and it will be added when overlapping.
  • Fixed issue for pressing the buttons accidentally, it now requires the hand overlapping the button in order to press.
  • Fixed vibration issue with rifle.
  • Download on Steam here!: https://store.steampowered.com/app/935110/The_Deserts_Rose/

    You can keep track of what I’m currently working on The Desert’s Rose Trello Board here!: