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Ace Library Windows

Ace Library is a Windows C++ library I created that contains a series of convenience functions. Such as standard math functions (following CERT specifications), string manipulation, Unicode, File I/O, and more. Check out the included documentation or the documentation link below to see a full list of available functions.


C++ 11

Update 1.0: Initial Release

Update 2.0: I implemented all functions to use memory alignment. This is for two reasons, one is because with the advent of C++ 11, it is now much easier to have a more universal way to align memory. The second reason is by the definition of memory alignment; it is always more efficient to have aligned memory then unaligned. This is because modern processors silently handle unaligned memory but it causes a slight performance hit because it has to do two reads instead of one read, and when there are many instructions that can add up fast. Since Ace Library now uses memory alignment, you must use _aligned_free() to delete/free any output buffers or objects from Ace Library. Otherwise you will get a “triggered break point error” or a run-time error.

Update 3.0: I implemented standard math functions in compliance with the CERT Coding Standard. Math functions are now correctly checked for domain and range errors.

Update 5.0: I implemented #ifndef for some constants that might not be recognized by some compilers.

Update 6.0: Implemented const correctness for all functions and making const correct alternitive functions from the original ones provided. Also added additional support for Unicode text.

Update 6.1: Added additional Unicode support functions such as converting between Full Width and Half Width characters. Range function was also added to “map” a set of values to another.

Download Ace Library Here

View Documentation and available functions here

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