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The Desert

Hey All and Happy Summer! I’ve been working hard on some updates for us:

  • Implemented OpenXR; This should allow for other headsets to be used.
  • Fixed issue with hand placement on bow and arrow.
  • Fixed issue with bow being added/removed from inventory
  • Made it so wrist watch is hidden when grabbing things with the watch hand.
  • Added Gameplay Options menu for adjusting things like reach distance, watch hand, etc.
  • Reduced the amount of flicker for menu button highlight.
  • Adjusted hand placement for two handed weapon.
  • Fixed issue where arrow from bow would sometimes disappear in hand.
  • Re-enabled physics for doors and adjusted the wrist watch door.
  • Added logic to close menus when watch door is closed.
  • Fixed issue with widget interaction arrow was not disappearing.
  • Fixed issue with modular weapons not being saved to inventory.
  • Fixed issue with sprint not triggering.

You can keep track of what I’m currently working on The Desert’s Rose Trello Board here!:

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