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The Desert

Hey All! How is everyone doing? Hope you’re having a fantastic new year. I come bearing the gifts of updates for The Desert’s Rose!

  • Added NPC’s to weapon store. Quests and NPC interaction coming soon.
  • Expanded internal editor for western stuff. Basically allowed me to add western dressed characters.
  • Offset idle animations for NPCs so they don’t look like their in sync.
  • Improved overall fidelity of button pressing on the wrist watch.
  • Added Saving and Loading.
  • Created pause menu and added saving and loading buttons.
  • Added inventory and inventory button. To add items to the inventory drag a grabbed item to the bottom slot of the inventory menu and it will be added when overlapping.
  • Fixed issue for pressing the buttons accidentally, it now requires the hand overlapping the button in order to press.
  • Fixed vibration issue with rifle.
  • Download on Steam here!: https://store.steampowered.com/app/935110/The_Deserts_Rose/

    You can keep track of what I’m currently working on The Desert’s Rose Trello Board here!:

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