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Modern OpenGL Programming

When I started learning about OpenGL, It was still using immediate mode and did not use shaders. Over time shaders were starting to be introduced but were still extensions and not built in so there was a lot of mixing of the two with immediate mode and all that shit, not to mention you still needed to use old Win32 code to set up the window. More recently OpenGL has built in their shader stuff and also the GLFW library now exists for making the window and handling keyboard and resizing callbacks from the window as well.

So for the past week, I’ve been working on an Modern OpenGL project that uses GLFW, GLEW and modern shader code. Here is a screen shot of the project, it contains a Floor and a rotating cube on two axis.

Cube rotating above a floor

In the code, The Cube and the floor could both inherit from a parent class since they share some things but I decided not to do this for clarity reasons. GLFW currently has some issues when clicking the X to close, so to close the project properly hit ESC.

Here is a link to the project and if there are any questions feel free to email me (!

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