Ace Library

Ace Library is a Windows C++ library I created that contains a series of convenience functions. Below is a list of the functions currently included with the library.


  1. C++ 11
  2. Windows

Update 2.0: I implemented all functions to use memory alignment. This is for two reasons, one is because with the advent of C++ 11, it is now much easier to have a more universal way to align memory. The second reason is by the definition of memory alignment; it is always more efficient to have aligned memory then unaligned. This is because modern processors silently handle unaligned memory but it causes a slight performance hit because it has to do two reads instead of one read, and when there are many instructions that can add up fast. Since Ace Library now uses memory alignment, you must use _aligned_free() to delete/free any output buffers or objects from Ace Library. Otherwise you will get a “triggered break point error” or a run-time error.

Update 3.0: I implemented standard math functions in compliance with the CERT Coding Standard. Math functions are now correctly checked for domain and range errors.

Update 5.0: I implemented #ifndef for some constants that might not be recognized by some compilers.

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void* _Aligned_Calloc(size_t size, size_t alignment);
double AbsoluteValue(double num);
float AbsoluteValue(float num);
int AbsoluteValue(int num);
char* AllocateAndCopyString(char* strToCopy);
wchar_t* AllocateAndCopyString(wchar_t* wideStrToCopy);
double ArcCos(double numInRadians);
float ArcCos(float numInRadians);
int ArcCos(int numInRadians);
double ArcCosH(double numInRadians);
float ArcCosH(float numInRadians);
int ArcCosH(int numInRadians);
double ArcSin(double numInRadians);
float ArcSin(float numInRadians);
int ArcSin(int numInRadians);
double ArcSinH(double numInRadians);
float ArcSinH(float numInRadians);
int ArcSinH(int numInRadians);
double ArcTan(double numInRadians);
float ArcTan(float numInRadians);
int ArcTan(int numInRadians);
double ArcTanH(double numInRadians);
float ArcTanH(float numInRadians);
int ArcTanH(int numInRadians);
double ArcTan2(double yInRadians, double xInRadians);
float ArcTan2(float yInRadians, float xInRadians);
int ArcTan2(int yInRadians, int xInRadians);
void CalculateAspectRatio(int newWidth, int newHeight, int originalWidth, int originalHeight, int& outAdjustedWidth, int& outAdjustedHeight);
LONGLONG CalculateFileSize(char* theFilePath);
LONGLONG CalculateFileSize(wchar_t* theFilePath);
int CalculateNumLength(int num);
long CalculateNumLength(long num);
double Ceiling(double num);
float Ceiling(float num);
int Ceiling(int num);
char CharAt(char* str, int index);
wchar_t CharAt(wchar_t* str, int index);
double ComplementaryErrorFunction(double num);
float ComplementaryErrorFunction(float num);
int ComplementaryErrorFunction(int num);
char* ConcatenateStrings(int numStrings, char** stringArray);
wchar_t* ConcatenateStrings(int numStrings, wchar_t** stringArray);
char* ConcatenateStrings(vector<char*> stringVectorArray);
wchar_t* ConcatenateStrings(vector<wchar_t*> stringVectorArray);
char* Concatenate(int numStrings, …);
wchar_t* ConcatenateW(int numWideStrings, …);
bool Contains(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor);
bool Contains(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor);
bool ContainsIgnoreCase(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor);
bool ContainsIgnoreCase(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor);
bool ConvertDoubleToBool(double num);
bool ConvertFloatToBool(float num);
bool ConvertIntToBool(int num);
char* ConvertIntToString(int integerToConvert);
wchar_t* ConvertIntToWideString(int integerToConvert);
vector<char*> ConvertStringArrayToStringVectorArray(char** stringArray);
vector<wchar_t*> ConvertStringArrayToStringVectorArray(wchar_t** stringArray);
bool ConvertStringToBool(char* str);
bool ConvertStringToBool(wchar_t* str);
float* ConvertStringToFloatArray(char* strToConvert, char* delimiter, int& outNumItems);
float* ConvertStringToFloatArray(wchar_t* strToConvert, wchar_t* delimiter, int& outNumItems);
unsigned int ConvertStringToHex(char* str);
unsigned int ConvertStringToHex(wchar_t* str);
char* ConvertStringToOneLine(char* strToConvert);
wchar_t* ConvertStringToOneLine(wchar_t* strToConvert);
void ConvertStringToOneLineInPlace(char* strToConvert);
void ConvertStringToOneLineInPlace(wchar_t* strToConvert);
wchar_t* ConvertStringToWCharString(const char* strToConvert);
char** ConvertStringVectorArrayToStringArray(vector<char*> stringVectorArray, int& outStringArrayLength);
wchar_t** ConvertStringVectorArrayToStringArray(vector<wchar_t*> stringVectorArray, int& outStringArrayLength);
char ConvertToLowerCase(char character);
wchar_t ConvertToLowerCase(wchar_t character);
char ConvertToUpperCase(char character);
wchar_t ConvertToUpperCase(wchar_t character);
char* ConvertToLowerCase(char* str);
wchar_t* ConvertToLowerCase(wchar_t* str);
void ConvertToLowerCaseInPlace(char* str);
void ConvertToLowerCaseInPlace(wchar_t* str);
char* ConvertToUpperCase(char* str);
wchar_t* ConvertToUpperCase(wchar_t* str);
void ConvertToUpperCaseInPlace(char* str);
void ConvertToUpperCaseInPlace(wchar_t* str);
double Cos(double numInRadians);
float Cos(float numInRadians);
int Cos(int numInRadians);
double CosH(double numInRadians);
float CosH(float numInRadians);
int CosH(int numInRadians);
int CountNumOccurrences(char* strToSearch, char charToLookFor);
int CountNumOccurrences(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t charToLookFor);
int CountNumOccurrences(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor);
int CountNumOccurrences(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor);
double CubeRoot(double num);
float CubeRoot(float num);
int CubeRoot(int num);
double DegreesToRadians(double degrees);
float DegreesToRadians(float degrees);
int DegreesToRadians(int degrees);
bool DoesFileExist(char* fullFilePathWithNameAndExt);
bool DoesFileExist(wchar_t* fullFilePathWithNameAndExt);
double ErrorFunction(double num);
float ErrorFunction(float num);
int ErrorFunction(int num);
bool Equals(char* strToCompOne, char* strToCompTwo);
bool Equals(wchar_t* strToCompOne, wchar_t* strToCompTwo);
bool EqualsIgnoreCase(char* strToCompOne, char* strToCompTwo);
bool EqualsIgnoreCase(wchar_t* strToCompOne, wchar_t* strToCompTwo);
double EToTheXPower(double power);
float EToTheXPower(float power);
int EToTheXPower(int power);
double EToTheXPowerMinusOne(double power);
float EToTheXPowerMinusOne(float power);
int EToTheXPowerMinusOne(int power);
char FirstChar(char* str);
wchar_t FirstChar(wchar_t* str);
double Floor(double num);
float Floor(float num);
int Floor(int num);
double GammaFunction(double num);
float GammaFunction(float num);
int GammaFunction(int num);
int GenerateRandomNum(int min, int max);
char* GetHResultDescription(HRESULT result);
wchar_t* GetHResultDescriptionW(HRESULT result);
void GetImageSize(char* fileName, int* outWidth, int* outHeight);
void GetImageSizeW(wchar_t* fileName, int* outWidth, int* outHeight);
double Hypotenuse(double x, double y);
float Hypotenuse(float x, float y);
int Hypotenuse(int x, int y);
int IndexOf(char* strToSearch, char charToLookFor);
int IndexOf(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t charToLookFor);
int IndexOf(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor);
int IndexOf(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor);
int IndexOfFirstLetter(char* strToSearch);
int IndexOfFirstLetter(wchar_t* strToSearch);
int IndexOfIgnoreCase(char* strToSearch, char charToLookFor);
int IndexOfIgnoreCase(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t charToLookFor);
int IndexOfIgnoreCase(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor);
int IndexOfIgnoreCase(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor);
char* InsertString(char* strToReceive, char* strToInsert, int startIndex);
wchar_t* InsertString(wchar_t* strToReceive, wchar_t* strToInsert, int startIndex);
bool IsAlphabetic(char character);
bool IsAlphabetic(wchar_t character);
bool IsDigit(char character);
bool IsDigit(wchar_t character);
bool IsEmpty(char* str);
bool IsEmpty(wchar_t* str);
bool IsNumber(char* str);
bool IsNumber(wchar_t* str);
bool IsPathADevice(const char* path);
bool IsPathADevice(const wchar_t* path);
bool IsWhitespace(char character);
bool IsWhitespace(wchar_t character);
double Largest(double num1, double num2);
float Largest(float num1, float num2);
int Largest(int num1, int num2);
char LastChar(char* str);
wchar_t LastChar(wchar_t* str);
int LastIndexOf(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor);
int LastIndexOf(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor);
double LogBaseTen(double num);
float LogBaseTen(float num);
int LogBaseTen(int num);
double LogBaseTwo(double num);
float LogBaseTwo(float num);
int LogBaseTwo(int num);
double Mod(double numerator, double denominator);
float Mod(float numerator, float denominator);
int Mod(int numerator, int denominator);
double MultiplyThenAdd(double multOne, double multTwo, double add);
float MultiplyThenAdd(float multOne, float multTwo, float add);
int MultiplyThenAdd(int multOne, int multTwo, int add);
double NaturalLog(double num);
float NaturalLog(float num);
int NaturalLog(int num);
double NaturalLogGammaFunction(double num);
float NaturalLogGammaFunction(float num);
int NaturalLogGammaFunction(int num);
int NextIndexOf(char* strToSearch, char charToLookFor, int startIndex);
int NextIndexOf(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t charToLookFor, int startIndex);
int NextIndexOf(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor, int startIndex);
int NextIndexOf(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor, int startIndex);
double NumTimesTwoToTheXPower(double num, double power);
float NumTimesTwoToTheXPower(float num, float power);
int NumTimesTwoToTheXPower(int num, int power);
double Power(double base, double exponent);
float Power(float base, float exponent);
int Power(int base, int exponent);
double PositiveDifference(double numOne, double numTwo);
float PositiveDifference(float numOne, float numTwo);
int PositiveDifference(int numOne, int numTwo);
double RadiansToDegrees(double radians);
float RadiansToDegrees(float radians);
int RadiansToDegrees(int radians);
char* ReadTextFile(char* filePath, size_t numBytesToRead, size_t maxBufferSize, const char* mode, int seekOffset, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);
wchar_t* ReadTextFileW(wchar_t* filePath, size_t numBytesToRead, size_t maxBufferSize, const wchar_t* mode, int seekOffset, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);
char* ReadBinaryFile(char* filePath, size_t numBytesToRead, size_t maxBufferSize, const char* mode, int seekOffset, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);
wchar_t* ReadBinaryFileW(wchar_t* filePath, size_t numBytesToRead, size_t maxBufferSize, const wchar_t* mode, int seekOffset, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);
vector<char*> RetrieveFileNames(char* fullFilePath);
double Remainder(double numerator, double denominator);
float Remainder(float numerator, float denominator);
int Remainder(int numerator, int denominator);
double RemainderWithQuadrant(double numerator, double denominator, int* outQuadrant);
float RemainderWithQuadrant(float numerator, float denominator, int* outQuadrant);
int RemainderWithQuadrant(int numerator, int denominator, int* outQuadrant);
char* RemoveAllWhitespace(char* str);
wchar_t* RemoveAllWhitespace(wchar_t* str);
void RemoveAllWhitespaceInPlace(char* str);
void RemoveAllWhitespaceInPlace(wchar_t* str);
char* RemoveCharactersFromString(char* strToRemoveFrom, char charToRemove);
wchar_t* RemoveCharactersFromString(wchar_t* strToRemoveFrom, wchar_t charToRemove);
void RemoveCharactersFromStringInPlace(char* strToRemoveFrom, char charToRemove);
void RemoveCharactersFromStringInPlace(wchar_t* strToRemoveFrom, wchar_t charToRemove);
char* RemoveStringFromString(char* strToRemoveFrom, char* strToRemove, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
wchar_t* RemoveStringFromString(wchar_t* strToRemoveFrom, wchar_t* strToRemove, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
void RemoveStringFromStringInPlace(char*& strToRemoveFrom, char* strToRemove, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
void RemoveStringFromStringInPlace(wchar_t*& strToRemoveFrom, wchar_t* strToRemove, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
char* ReplaceString(char* strToSearch, char* strToLookFor, char* strToReplaceWith, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
wchar_t* ReplaceString(wchar_t* strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor, wchar_t* strToReplaceWith, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
void ReplaceStringInPlace(char*& strToSearch, char* strToLookFor, char* strToReplaceWith, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
void ReplaceStringInPlace(wchar_t*& strToSearch, wchar_t* strToLookFor, wchar_t* strToReplaceWith, bool removeOnlyFirstOccurrence);
char* RetrieveDataBetweenTags(char* fileData, char* startTag, char* endTag);
wchar_t* RetrieveDataBetweenTags(wchar_t* fileData, wchar_t* startTag, wchar_t* endTag);
char* RetrieveDataBetweenTags(char* fileData, int startTagIndex, int endTagIndex);
wchar_t* RetrieveDataBetweenTags(wchar_t* fileData, int startTagIndex, int endTagIndex);
char** RetrieveDataChunksBetweenTags(char* fileData, char* startTag, char* endTag, int& outFinalBufferSize);
wchar_t** RetrieveDataChunksBetweenTags(wchar_t* fileData, wchar_t* startTag, wchar_t* endTag<, int& outFinalBufferSize);
vector<wchar_t*> RetrieveFileNames(wchar_t* fullFilePath);
vector<char*> RetrieveFolderNames(char* fullFilePath);
vector<wchar_t*> RetrieveFolderNames(wchar_t* fullFilePath);
char* ReverseString(char* strToReverse);
wchar_t* ReverseString(wchar_t* strToReverse);
void ReverseStringInPlace(char* strToReverse);
void ReverseStringInPlace(wchar_t* strToReverse);
long RoundToNearestInteger(double num);
long RoundToNearestInteger(float num);
long RoundToNearestInteger(int num);
long RoundUp(double num);
long RoundUp(float num);
long RoundUp(int num);
void ShowMessageBox(HWND hWindow, char* message, char* title);
void ShowMessageBox(HWND hWindow, wchar_t* message, wchar_t* title);
double Sin(double numInRadians);
float Sin(float numInRadians);
int Sin(int numInRadians);
double SinH(double numInRadians);
float SinH(float numInRadians);
int SinH(int numInRadians);
double Smallest(double num1, double num2);
float Smallest(float num1, float num2);
int Smallest(int num1, int num2);
double SquareRoot(double num);
float SquareRoot(float num);
int SquareRoot(int num);
char* SubString(char* str, int startIndex, int upToButNotIncludingIndex);
wchar_t* SubString(wchar_t* str, >int startIndex, int upToButNotIncludingIndex);
double Tan(double numInRadians);
float Tan(float numInRadians);
int Tan(int numInRadians);
double TanH(double numInRadians);
float TanH(float numInRadians);
int TanH(int numInRadians);
char** Tokenize(char* strToTokenize, char* delimiter, int& outNumTokensFound);
wchar_t** Tokenize(wchar_t* strToTokenize, wchar_t* delimiter, int& outNumTokensFound);
double Truncate(double num);
float Truncate(float num);
double TwoToTheXPower(double power);
float TwoToTheXPower(float power);
int TwoToTheXPower(int power);
bool Validate(HWND hWnd, HRESULT result, char* message, char* title);
bool Validate(HWND hWnd, HRESULT result, wchar_t* messagem wchar_t* title);
size_t WriteTextFile(char* filePath<, char* bufferToWrite, size_t bufferSize, const char* mode, int seekOffset, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);
size_t WriteTextFileW(wchar_t* filePath<, wchar_t* bufferToWrite, size_t bufferSize, const wchar_t* mode, int seekOffset, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);
size_t WriteBinaryFile(char* filePath, char* bufferToWrite, size_t bufferSize, const char* mode, int seekOffse, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);
size_t WriteBinaryFileW(wchar_t* filePath, wchar_t* bufferToWrite, size_t bufferSize, const wchar_t* mode, int seekOffset, int seekOrigin, long* outEndCursorPos);

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