Never Be Game Over

What’s it been, a year since I last posted here? I haven’t posted anything in a while because a lot of shit has happened. Currently, no one reads this except for myself, no one is working with me on any of my projects, and anyone I went to school with for Game Programming all gave up on making games. So where does this leave us?

One of the most interesting things about our Military is the way they train their Employees/Solders. One of the roles you can apply for (after being in the Navy for a few years) is a Navy Seal. They do some amazing work but what I found most interesting was the training they go through. The first step is to go through Basic Underwater Demolition School where for the first 3 weeks, they are forced to stay up for a whole week straight, soak in the ocean for hours, surf torture, grueling exercises, and freezing cold ocean. But why? Why do they do this to their students?
To teach the most important lesson of all, to never ever give up. Sometimes you just need to crawl through the forest for 15 miles before you can get home and its the only way. It’s this philosophy I try to remind myself of and apply it to all my work.

With that in mind, let me tell you about some of the stuff I’ve been working on:

I made a Binary Search Tree in C++, this is not only a Binary Search Tree but one that has balancing implemented. If a Binary Search Tree is not balanced, then it can be just as inefficient as a linked list or an array. This code can be translated into any other language since its in C++ and can work with any data type. I just finished this so I’ll be uploading it shortly (links to come).

The second project I’m working on is a Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift) project. It takes any panoramic/photosphere image and maps it to the inside of a sphere. This allows the user to take any picture and “look around” it like it is around you. This works really well but I’m still working on it because this is only the first phase, the second phase is to implement google dream into it ;).

The third and biggest project I’m working on is The Ether. I mentioned earlier that someone named Owen was helping with designing the game and we did. We have the initial design and it’s documented but unfortunately, he no longer wants to work on the project. I’m currently implementing different parts of the game starting with the GUI. I’m creating a GUI system written in Slate UI which gives much more precision but takes more time. This project will take a while but its being worked on I promise, here is a demo of the current GUI. Next will be implementing equipping and weapons most likely.

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